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Our tailored consulting approach focuses on closing the gap between business processes and IT solutions. With our extensive industry experience, we turn digital transfomation ideas into solid projects to make sure our customers adopt the latest technologies and optimise their core business processes to gain a competitive edge.

Interaction Room

Interaction Room (IR) is a systematic approach we take to make sure that all stakeholders of a project properly address the same issues, create ideas to overcome these issues, prioritize ideas to sketch one or more digital transformation projects, and even attach a functional proof of concept of the digitalized product at the final stage. The main goal of IR is to make sure that every party involved in the project is on the same page and that there is at least one tangible idea in the end.

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adesso Lime

Our user experience and creative design team analyzes user behavior and develops prototypes to create effective and visionary UI solutions.

adesso Lime acts as a bridging unit between developer team, analysis team and the business unit to create people oriented, sustainable digital product design and to take the user experience to the next level.

Design for people from people.

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adesso agile Lab

Each organization has a unique working environment, structure, and culture. Our agile Lab focuses on designing tailored solutions, through people and practice-oriented frameworks, to ensure successful and sustainable agile transformation projects.

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DevOps Consulting

The collaboration between the operational IT team and the development team is the ultimate key to improving both the software development cycle and the success of the outcome of the project. Creating a united DevOps Team means converging responsibilities.

Our dedicated and experienced DevOps consultants guide our clients to implement a structured approach and utilize necessary tools along the way.

MicroServices Architecture Consulting

The microservice approach is necessary to modernize siloed enterprise applications, cope with integration issues or start a new software development project with a modern architecture.

We offer consultancy to our clients to help them start their journey with a strong, reliable, and scalable microservices architecture that brings a lightweight approach to integration and supports all modern software development languages via fine-grained services.

Cloudization Consulting

Reducing the complexity of the on premise IT infrastructures and related CAPEX costs is a pressing modern day concern. At adesso, we provide application modernization, cloud architecture consulting, and lift & shift to the cloud. We support cloud scenarios on all major cloud vendors.

Deep Learning - NLP

As applications containing Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms become more and more part of our daily lives, in parallel we see a tremendous interest on AI in business life as well. Specifically, a type of Machine Learning approach named Deep Learning (DL) is becoming so popular due to its potential to be able to mimic human brain through Neural Networks approach.

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