Research & Development at adesso Turkey

All R&D projects at adesso Turkey begin with innovation, collaboration, and technology.

We create solutions that shape tomorrow, bridging state-of-the-art (SotA) technologies with local and global collaboration.

With a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in artificial intelligence, knowledge-based systems, automation, big data, and much more, we've been taking part in many successful R&D initiatives and projects.

Our driving force? An endless curiosity for cutting-edge technologies and an insatiable passion for bringing unparalleled solutions to our clients.

Our goal? To elevate the success of our projects with innovative ideas and a solid R&D approach as we continue to evolve, and become a globally-recognized, solution-oriented team that leverages pioneering AI-based technologies to meet the diverse challenges of our world.

13 + million € exports

43 projects delivered

7000 + FTE delivered


Every initiative and partnership add to our expertise. Discover our R&D know-how as it has been refined over years of pushing technical frontiers.

Develop predictive and intelligent systems

• Employee Attrition

• Document Management

• Planning the orientation durations via the digital platform

Perform advanced visual analysis and create immersive simulations

• Image Quality Assessment

• 3D Model Analysis

Implement various cutting-edge data technologies

• Tabular data analysis

• Time series data analysis

• Employee health monitoring

• Social life efficiency

• Digital application for educational materials

Develop advanced voice and text recognition technologies

• Text Classification

• Sentiment Analysis

• Named Entity Recognition

• Topic Modeling

• Chatbot

Build recommendation and expert systems

• User Interaction-Based Post Recommendation

• Product Recommendation with Implicit and Explicit Interactions

• User-Item Metadata-Based Recommendation for Cold Start

Foster automation and collaborative technologies

• Shared Mobility

• In-car Infotainment Systems

Optimize processes to increase benefits and enhance output

• Production and Supply Chains

• Emergency Management

• Follow-up of configuration, pre-sales, post-sales, and technical support operations via a digital platform

• Customer Loyalty

• Personalized Recommendations

• Product Traceability

• Creating unique digital campaigns according to location and demands

• Finance

• Insurance

• Digital transformations with microservice architectures

Funded Projects

  • ITEA3 labelled EU project


    InnoSale aims to automatize the sale processes of complex industrial products and services. Using AI solutions, we worked with Ermetal Automotive to improve and adapt the InnoSale platform for their use.

  • TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB 1501 project

    Direct Marketing Project

    We developed a personalized recommendation system as part of a direct marketing project for a live trivia mobile app. This advantageous collaboration allowed our client to leverage its extensive dataset while adesso provided the technical know-how to build a data-driven solution.

  • TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB 1501 project

    ML-Based Image Quality Enhancement

    We trained machine learning models and created a tool for a real state client to help them assess and optimize the quality of their listing images, which ultimately increased sales.

  • TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB 1501 project


    We used blockchain technology to develop an independent and customizable customer loyalty management system that provides a dynamic and flexible structure offering automated campaigns.



Our papers, authored by the members of our team, shed light on the technological problems we encounter and our creative solutions to overcome those challenges. Explore our list of published work, which serves as proof of our scientific rigor and commitment to forging the future.

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We pride ourselves on having obtained important patents as testaments to our passion for pushing boundaries and creating novel solutions across various sectors. Dive into our patented work and discover what they mean for our future.

  • [Available in Turkish]

    “Track Topology and Driver-Independent Lap Period Detection in Racing Vehicles”

    (“Yarış Araçlarında Parkur Topolojisi ve Sürücüden Bağımsız Tur Periyodu Tespiti”) 2019. This invention dives deep with precise analysis into sensor data from racing vehicles while driving with embedded systems or mobile applications. By processing GPS signals, it detects the track's topology and driver-independent lap period, making it a promising innovation in racing analytics. more

  • [Available in Turkish]

    “A Distributed Ledger Structure Design and Installation Tool”

    (“Bir Dağıtık Kayıt Yapısı Tasarım ve Kurulum Aracı”) 2019. This invention serves as a comprehensive tool for designing and installing distributed ledger structures. What's truly innovative is its user-friendliness: interested parties, regardless of their software knowledge, can effortlessly define workflows and logic. With potential applications spanning sectors like finance, supply chains, and customer loyalty, it reshapes the way we approach distributed registry design and installation. more

  • [Available in Turkish]

    “A Method to Generate Automatic Email Template Suggestions”

    (“Otomatik E-Posta Şablon Önerileri Oluşturabilmeyi Sağlayacak Bir Yöntem”) 2020. This invention offers a method to generate automatic email template suggestions with implications to tailor communications in a more efficient, personalized, and effective manner, ensuring that every email stands out in a crowded inbox. more


Best Presentation Award of 2021

“Treatment Tracking, Billing, and Communication Platform for the Health Sector”

5th International Conference on Information System and Data Mining 2021

First Place Award in NLP

“Natural Language Processing for the Finance and Insurance Industries”

Teknofest Turkish NLP Section 2021

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