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14.07.2021 By Dr. Zeljko Dzunic & Matthias Proschinger

Low code and AI: the next big step in the AI adoption strategy – part 2

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is arguably the biggest technological driver of the future, but projects often fail due to the complexity of their implementation or a lack of experts. In the first part of this series, we tried to answer the question of how low-code platforms can facilitate AI adoption. In this part, we will now take look at intelligent process automation – a combination of different technologies: artificial Intelligence, low code and robotic process automation (RPA). What are the advantages of using this combination? Using a well-known use case with SAP, we will introduce you to the advantages of intelligent process automation to optimise workflows.


10.05.2021 By Meral Beyaz

Why Should We Support the Mothers in IT?

our duty as adesso Turkey is to create an environment in which all women and especially mothers in IT will not encounter the glass ceiling that prevents them from promoting and to ensure that all women are competing on equal terms with men.


04.05.2021 By Tuncer Tunç

How Do We Approach Performance Management?

Using Objective and Key Results (OKR) and applying them in the relevant context is one of our ways of experimenting and learning on our journey to improve ourselves. Check out some details about the first steps of adesso Turkey on this journey.


The term employee wellbeing has expanded from the traditional perspective to a more holistic understanding. Companies are now focusing on providing not just physical and financial opportunities but also emotional and psychological support.


Explaining what collaboration and communication mean for agile teams and how to communicate effectively during development processes.


10.03.2021 By Deniz Şenliler

An Interview with 5 Powerful Women

Women now make up 30% of adesso Turkey’s intellectual capital while the employment rate of women in IT in Turkey is only 10%.


March 8, International Women's Day. This day has been celebrated for over a century and has become a subject of different corporate campaigns nowadays where social media is taking up more and more space in our lives


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