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Tailored solutions that fulfil individual needs

adesso delivers custom software development projects specific to one customer’s needs. Ideally starting with Interaction Room methodology, adesso delivers the best fitting solution by implementing projects with the Agile methodology Scrum. Since custom software is developed for a single customer it can fully satisfy that customer's particular preferences and expectations. Our expertise indeed is digitalizing business critical processes of our clients.

Putting Software Engineering at the core of our services range, we initiate software projects by firstly analyzing customer requirements. We then bring the right mix of technologies and talent, and decide which delivery model would be the best fit. While supporting all major software development languages, we always go the extra mile and bring in the latest advances in tools and frameworks to create new success stories.

Front end

In time, web-based applications have evolved from static HTML based pages to fully interactive script-based front ends, making it harder to keep up. In addition to that, end-users make their decisions on the usability depending on the look, feel, and practicality of the front end. These facts make a front end the most critical part of a web-based application. Thus, we support the development of front ends in all major script based frameworks and create rich & interactive user interfaces.


Most business logic and integration as well as data management, security, and administration are handled at the backend, which positions backend literally as the backbone of the enterprise software. Here at adesso, we use relevant Java and .NET technologies to create the best performing backend applications whether they standalone or are a part of a bigger architecture supporting mobile and web-based applications.


The world has gone mobile. This led us to focus on mobile development as a core business. With a team of 50+ mobile app developers, we implement enterprise level mobile apps for the digital transformation purposes of our clients.



We offer “Outsourcing Services” to help our clients' IT Team size ramp-up or down according to their needs. This service may also be used to fill in for the missing skillset or knowledge in the existing IT organization. Outsourcing enables our clients to reduce costs, accelerate project launch processes, and take advantage of external expertise and assets.


We are flexible and always ready take approaches according to our clients’ needs. When it’s time to create mission-critical application solutions, we also provide turnkey software development services from design to development. As a result of our unique requirements analysis approach, our initial estimations keep our turnkey projects timely and budget-friendly.

Managed Services

We believe the way to optimization and cost reduction is through flawless implementation of IT sourcing and consolidation strategies. We offer “Managed Capacity” model-based development teams or “Application Management” as a service.

“Managed Capacity” is a contract model based on agile discipline that enables us to provide services with fixed price agile contracts. Interested? Please get in touch with us for details and reference cases of the model.

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