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Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is set to change our business lives just as much as the internet or mobile business. Today, companies of all sizes and from all sectors are laying the foundation for the effective use of this technology in their business.

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Our survey of 400 managers in Germany gives a clear result. Experiments with individual GenAI applications need to result in integrated projects.

We have compiled answers to the questions that companies are asking themselves today. They include the search for possible applications, the development of GenAI applications and implementation of these in the company’s own processes. Our 23-page dossier gives you the information you need.

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Our references

Our GenAI references give you an impression of our daily work and provide you with insights into various AI projects in which we have supported our customers.


Kickstart your AI journey in the adesso GenAI Interaction Room, a one-day workshop that gives you a clear roadmap for leveraging GenAI's power for your business.

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Strong partnerships to ensure your success

We work together with a large number of top-rate companies in order for us to be able to offer you a wide variety of options. These partnerships are the key to the success of a project, because they allow us to offer you customised solutions quickly and reliably at any time.

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