Cure X: UX Audit

Cure X: UX Audit Service

Rethink your user experience.

Upgrade the impact of your product design through better ROI, sales, and customer satisfaction.

adesso’s Cure X: UX Audit consultancy service is customized to help you understand your users and address pain points, as well as offering actionable insights.

Contact us to get your sample Snapshot Review report free of charge.

Our experts will craft the best solution for the success of your digital product.

Cure X: UX Audit deliverables:

  • Expert Review Findings

  • Benchmark Analysis

  • Usability Testing & User Interviews

  • Product Data Analysis

What makes us different?

Collaboration with developer teams, strong user-centric approach, informed decisions backed by product data analysis, and a proven track record of success stories across industries are what set us apart.

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