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Sustainable success of a fast-growing organization depends heavily on the development and motivation of your teams, the structure of the organization and whether you build reliable relationships with your customers. That's why engagement is a priority for us here at adesso Turkey. Although it is difficult to compete among many companies that are taking new steps every day in employee and customer engagement, we derive our strength from our lean transformation process which creates an environment empowering engagement among our employees, leaders and customers. Becoming “lean” enables us to work as a harmonious team as well internally as with our customers around the globe.

As a part of our lean transformation initiative, started in 2019, our regular online meet-ups have created a space for us to inspire both ourselves and our community; have given us an invaluable opportunity to reflect and develop self-awareness and flourish within the network. Inspiring each other and the outer world with great ideas helped us grow so far. So, why not encourage interaction more we thought. An individual adesso employee who was previously reporting to a single line manager now has the opportunity to receive feedback from various leaders in a horizontal hierarchy and create a multi-disciplinary talent development plan. Because we know that when leaders inspire the passion of employees and unleash their talent, great things are bound to happen.

To encourage communication sustainably, we will continue to strengthen the lean mindset across our organization to boost our team’s insight, imagination and engagement as we’ve already started to do at our regular Delivery Board Circles and All Hands meetings which were launched out as a symbol of transparency and flat hierarchy, meanwhile became part of our culture and a tradition. As John Gerzema says; "Transparency, honesty, kindness, good stewardship, even humor, work in businesses at all times." With this in mind, we share information about our decisions with the reasons, the finances and the future roadmap of our company with our employees as well as having fun together at our meet-ups.

We’ve already begun to see the improvement within the internal dynamic among employees, the impacts of creating good memories and producing the best quality outputs for our customers. Here, the point is to offer customers additional value with IT solutions and not just rather a piece of code. Our job is to touch more lives by transforming our clients’ connection with their customers. Considering that millions of people use the applications we develop every day; we are a very large community. I think, being an independent IT service provider and enhancing people’s everyday experiences is the most satisfying part of our job. After all these works that we have accomplished, now, we are happy to say an engaging workforce became a crucial component of our DNA and one of the unique value propositions to our ecosystem. And now our lean structure is an inseparable part of it.

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Author Burak Bari

Burak Bari is the Managing Director of adesso Turkey and Head of Global Business Line at adesso Group.





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