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Celebrating its 74th anniversary in 2018, the Borusan Group continues to consistently grow in the steel, distributorship, logistics and energy industries in various markets of the world, particularly in Turkey. Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, Borusan Group operates in 11 countries in over 3 continents.

Digitilized orientation process


Borusan Holding A.Ş. contracted adesso to digitalize the 6-month-orientation process of each white-collar started to work in the company.


Within the scope of the project, adesso, for the novice employees, created virtual identities defining employees with a number of characteristics. The activity made it possible to describe the processes biannually which the employee underwent and the phases in which employees had difficulties. Problematic parts of these processes were identified. With the participation of Borusan Holding HR team, an Interaction Room workshop was organized and explored the ways to solve the problems through a mobile application. Mobile application flows and features required to be included in the application were also resolved.

A roadmap with Interaction Room


Borusan contacted adesso with an application idea on newly-recruited staff. adesso’s user interface team created a roadmap according to the results of the Interaction Room which was organized to find out the best digitalization way as per the company’s staff onboarding needs. Based on the results of Interaction Room, personas to represent the novice employees were created and the roadmap of these personas’ experience during Borusan’s -6 month- onboarding process was identified. Possible areas where the application could be useful in the onboarding process were determined and mock-up level applications were tested before the launch of the real app.


Extra functions to be added to the application was determined easily thanks to the Interaction Room. Necessary interfaces were designed and launched without experiencing any problem. As per the Interaction Room reports, adesso developed the App designs tailored to specific staff onboarding needs of Borusan. Application flows were also created with the best UX/UI designs in line with the Interaction Room results and transferred to the real app accordingly.

A new HR app


The main objective of this project was to design an HR App to digitalize the onboarding procedure of new employees of Borusan Holding. The development of the app aimed to help the newcomers for the first 6 months for better networking and knowledge transfer within the company.


The design of HR App provided each employee with special notifications, contents and information about the company. This innovative app made it possible to save a great amount of many paper-based documents and to keep the communication between Borusan Holding and its employees on maximum level.

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