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Design for people by people

Every experience is shaped with time. adesso Lime delivers creative solutions and user-centric products by developing processes beyond the limits of design (UI) and user experience (UX).

adesso Lime

While creating a digital product, for the best results, you need a good understanding of target audience, brand strategy and budget you also need to know about core user habits.

adesso Lime delivers creative solutions and user-centric products with brand values and strategies in mind by:

  • Understanding the business strategy, goals, and requests
  • Accurately defining users’ needs
  • Discussing feasibility with the software teams.

Serving as a bridge between customer expectations, user needs and software teams, adesso Lime uses design to solve problems you didn’t realize you had.

our approach

Based on our experience and observations, we believe for an idea to reach success on the road to becoming a digital product, certain processes must be followed. The phases we developed to ensure success for an idea-to-product journey are:

What We Offer?

Discovery and Search

During the idea stage of the planned digital product, we use various discovery and research methods in order to get to know the users, understand and define their needs, in line with the brand or business strategy to ensure you invest in the right idea.

- Metrics

- Field observation

- Interviews

- Questionnaires

- Workshops

Creative Production

When the audience, content and strategy are clearly defined, with the help of the analysis team, screen flows are created, displays are designed in line with the brand or business strategy and identity, desktop videos are prepared that support UX and UI or explain the digital product and processes.

- UX Design

- UI Design

- 2D Video

- Logo

- Design System

- User Flow

- Lottie

Usability Tests

Testing the product during the production stage can help to create the right product by shifting the project in line with user feedback and decrease overall project costs. In order to understand how users react to your product, we prepare tests for different processes, apply, and analyse them.

- User & Usability Tests

- Clickability Test

- A/B Test

Lime Consultancy

We provide consultancy in various subjects, from the design being correctly used by the software team, to providing software appropriate creative ideas for business focused projects or preparing an analysis to improve existing products.

- Handover from design to development team

- User-Centric Ideas

- Expert Opinion Analysis

Do you have any questions?

There is no website or brochure which can replace a personal meeting to talk about your goals and topics. We are looking forward to an appointment on site.


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