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Truly speaking with others doesn’t mean chatting online, Skyping, posting or tweeting: It means having conversations face to face. That is the key to successful projects – whether these involve identifying digitalisation opportunities, mobilising your processes or developing new software. In-person discussions foster a problem-solving atmosphere that provides fertile ground for new ideas. However, cooperation between various specialist departments and IT is often marred by insufficient understanding and tolerance. The Interaction Room is a concept that creates the right environment, smooths out differences between departments and delivers quickly usable results.


The project participants need to understand one another despite all differences, as understanding accelerates projects and leads to more streamlined results. The Interaction Room was designed to do just that. Inside this space, all members of the team see eye to eye and work on solutions together. We have developed several versions of the Interaction Room suitable for different applications.

The Interaction Room is a physical room with four walls. These walls have a crucial function: Project employees visualise processes on them and use them to display project details. They allow participants to identify problems at a glance. Inside the Interaction Room, an interdisciplinary team of specialists and IT experts works together under the direction of a moderator. Together, they hold votes on solutions regarding key topics and identify questions surrounding their project. This is all visualised by assigning symbols to individual aspects of the project.

Systematically address digitalisation opportunities

The Interaction Room for Digitalization Strategy Development (IR:digital) helps you identify digitalisation opportunities in existing business models or develop new business models. It promotes cooperation between business model experts with specialists in digitalisation technologies – cooperation that is indispensable for securing the success of your digital activities.

IR:digital is a structured approach that we draw upon to address the top five digitalisation opportunities for your company.

Design processes independently of location

The Interaction Room for Mobile Application Development (IR:mobile) provides you with a methodical framework for successfully mobilising your processes and business models. This requires specialist expertise, conceptual skills, creativity and technological know-how in equal measure. To ensure this, the various stakeholders in your company need to bring their competences to the table when developing a mobile strategy or specific application, without steamrolling or ignoring each other.

The goal of IR:mobile is to develop a vision of a mobile application tailored to the needs and requirements of the desired user group.

Consistently streamline projects

The Interaction Room for Project Scoping (IR:scope) represents the perfect methodical tool for enabling your team to concentrate on the essential aspects of the project. Discussing and evaluating essential processes, structures and interfaces allows participants to create an initial project overview. This ultimately yields a general concept with prioritised requirements, the implementation of which will be initially evaluated on the basis of the current state of knowledge.

IR:scope allows the team to recognise and pursue the project’s success factors.

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