Maintaining an overview and impressing clients

Account management at adesso

Account management at adesso is about more than simply selling isolated IT services – we offer our customers the entire spectrum of adesso’s services! Our talented salespeople need to have a broad overview as well as deep insights. They act as intermediaries and advisors in exciting project environments, which range from delivering complex custom-built software right through to mega-projects.

In addition to their broad understanding of technology, our account managers have an excellent feel for what clients want. After all, their role is to present the whole of the adesso group’s portfolio to the client. This portfolio includes strategy consultancy, IT consultancy, software development services, application management and maintenance.

Account managers are the client’s point of contact for custom-built software development. These sales experts are also needed for development projects that are based on Microsoft and open source platforms. They provide advice and act as a bridge between what the client wants and the large range of services we can provide.

There is one skill that all of our account managers have in common: the ability to listen! This enables them to understand what our clients want and need. It means they can offer tailored solutions. And this in turn means they can impress our clients!

Internally, the account managers work together with the key players from the adesso Delivery team. Externally, they are available to assist clients.

Being an account manager at adesso also involves being excellent at networking, both internally and externally.

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