Our adesso teams worked with Jack Wolfskin to modernize their legacy CRM system.



Our adesso teams collaborated with Jack Wolfskin to modernize their legacy CRM system, built on monolithic architecture. Explore how we implemented a modern and high-performance customer management solution.

The Client: Jack Wolfskin

  • Leading brand synonymous with high-quality, sustainable outdoor apparel and gear, with a legacy spanning over 40 years of enriching adventures for nature lovers.
  • Operates more than 450 stores and employs over 1,400 people globally.

The Challenge: Modernizing Legacy CRM
  • Jack Wolfskin needed to modernize their legacy CRM system to improve user experience and operational efficiency.
  • Monolithic architecture hosted on-prem, relying on database and application servers.
  • Scalability challenges and communication bottlenecks with external services.
  • Performance issues, particularly slow response times, that affected page loads.

Download our complete Jack Wolfskin Success Story here.
List of Contents:
  • The Client: Jack Wolfskin
  • The Challenge: Modernizing Jack Wolfskin's CRM
  • The Solution: Cloud Migration and Serverless Architecture
  • The Result: Enhanced Performance and Streamlined Operations

"I am impressed with the good work and unwavering commitment demonstrated by the adesso team in helping us modernize our CRM application. I highly appreciated their motivation and dedication throughout the project, and the excellent agile practices that kept everything on track and adaptable. Migrating from a monolithic on-prem architecture to a serverless cloud solution on Azure significantly improved our scalability, performance, and cost efficiency.

The collaboration was not only fair and trustworthy but also genuinely enjoyable. Their contributions have been invaluable to our success, and I look forward to future projects together."

Massimiliano Favilli

Senior Manager IT DevOps at Jack Wolfskin

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