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As coronavirus spreads, companies around the world are confronting a situation, which may very well be a transformative one. Now more than ever, there is an unprecedented demand for proactive solutions from IT service providers.

The objective to maintain business continuity in the face of this crisis abruptly promoted remote working models along with the tendency of utilizing a “blended workforce”. We are observing cross-border collaboration is getting more prevalent than before. Companies started to look forward for new overseas collaboration opportunities within this transition era. With their new and improved assets these overseas collaborations became much more beneficial in both commercial and practical way now more than ever. We believe this new era will drive companies and the IT industry forward.

Shoring has long been become an integral part of our business strategy. The opportunities to make savings in personnel and infrastructure costs often make Shoring models the first choice for reducing IT costs around the globe. Even conservative enterprises started to use this model of picking the best talent without considering their location.

“Blended workforce” is likely to become the standard among high growth businesses as they seek and find the talented co-workers who will boost the productivity and accelerate time to market within predefined timeframe and budget. Nearshore software development teams are becoming increasingly specialized to meet the needs of the markets and verticals within software development.

When it comes to complex software development and IT integration projects at enterprises, close communication and a common consensus on values play a decisive role along with the solid technological know-how. Cultural and physical proximity, agile working methods, and proficiency in German and English languages are decisive criteria for our shoring concept.

adesso SmartShore concept can be further explored here.

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Duygu Bulum, MarCom Manager

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