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Throughout its 25 year history, Java has been developed at an irregular pace. The release cadence of new versions has often been irregular and very long due to the delays in the development of large features in new releases.This also slowed down the innovation of language while other languages with fastened feedback periods evolved. In 2017, a new time-based release cadence was proposed and adopted to allow Java to ship new feature releases every six months without delaying them for large features. In addition to the new time-based release cadence, Oracle has announced major changes in how Java will be released, licensed and supported. When migrating to a new Java version, these areas and activities should be evaluated initially to determine how they are impacted.

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Ali Kemal Taşcı

Software Architect | Team Leader at adesso Turkey

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Author Ali Kemal Taşçı

Ali Kemal is Software Architect and Team Leader at adesso Turkey.





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