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Nowadays the Covid pandemic has transformed how IT sector and accordingly the Nearshoring business works, with companies forced to make quick transitions to sustain their operations. And clients are beginning to think about different digital solutions for business continuity as well as business growth. And here we are the new business world!

When we talk about IT shoring, it’s about IT companies trying to allocate resources, implement services and projects for abroad clients by securing regulatory environment and stable infrastructure.

A nearshore solution has the value that the needed fulfilment or remote service is provided in a similar time zone and should be available for the customer without delay. This is what nearshore stands for.

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg actually!

Considering the growth in digital business assets; critical labor force is the IT staff. Almost every company needs IT vendors to reach required manpower to be able to launch digital products and assets in time. A big effort was to convince clients, that the needed service can be delivered from a shoring location without quality compromises. Those without this convincement were tending to use local labor force to fill in the gap. In Covid times even local labor force were “forced” to work remotely. Having this experience since almost 6 months and recognizing that an almost full remote model is also working fine, clients are reconsidering their positioning about shoring opportunities. The conventional borders onsite-remote is disappearing and a world of widest opportunities for IT vendors with shoring models is opening.

This fundamental behavioral change repeats itself in every stage of a project and bid lifecycle.

Best practices of all shoring types - so ours - such as face to face contact during sales cycle to convince the client to choose you as a partner is no more mandatory. No face to face analysis phases at the first stage of the project to document and understand requirements.

Nowadays every touch is digital. Even brainstorming sessions are managed with digital solutions remotely and successfully.

This brings IT companies into a new positioning without regional limits. Practically, every client can be reached out. There is no more distance barrier for any process!

From now on we don’t need to talk with the clients ‘if we should’ integrate shoring model into a project but ‘how we should’ integrate it. Because most of the customers don’t care where you deliver the required service. They don’t even care about the using different sites – as soon as you can help them solve their problem. In these times we are building up virtual teams combining multiple locations, since the expertise is given in that location. On virtual Teams or Zoom session, the location of the participants is no more relevant. Clients are requesting and - from now on also accepting - maximum flexibility!

Last but not least; enabling a powerful nearshoring model gives our clients the opportunity to get out of the equal financial asset much more outcome and shorten go-to-market periods. A crucial benefit in a world of digitalization.

The new-normal represents the brave new world of outsourcing. It promises to change things forever.

It has opened up a new frontier for us and we are going to discover a whole new world!

Author Yelda Barı

SmartShore Business Development Manager

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