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Remote work was not a surprise anyway. Digital transformation, the signals of which we have been receiving for a long time, just has become a norm at an unpredictable speed in this period. Remote work has begun to settle in the mindset and culture of not only IT companies, but it is going mainstream thanks to the technologies that erase distances. According to the report published by EAE Business School, Covid-19 has led to the number of companies working from home rising to 88% compared to 4% before the crisis within the EU. We have come to a point where continuous physical interaction is no longer a fundamental factor for a project's success and not being physically connected is not a barrier to quality delivery. That’s where our SmartShore (adesso nearshore concept) delivery model comes in.

IT nearshoring is introduced basically to optimize cost structures and prevent skill shortages. But the term “near” here does not necessarily refer to a nearby location. Sharing the same or close time periods, having similarities between lifestyles and cultures or one to four hours of flight distances are enough to consider one place as “near”. But what's the difference between our SmartShore concept and conventional nearshoring? What is “smart” in this?

In addition to the main features that should be in a nearshore project such as cultural alignment, language proficiency and competence for working in a fully digital workplace anywhere around the globe; adesso Turkey’s SmartShore model differs from other nearshore concepts with owned methodologies, unique and proven project management approach and high-quality delivery standards. Our highly trained, experienced and targeted teams guarantee exceptional transparency during projects and offer up to 40% cost savings in complex IT projects. The knowledge transfer governed with our SmartStart process following project kick-off allow teams to bond and work as effective team units despite long distances. For enterprises, we have developed a customized model, adesso Global Delivery Model (aGDM) to provide regularly optimized and high-quality software increments that create sustainable business value for our customers. We had already started doing all of this before we faced remote work due to Corona crisis; so we like to plan things ahead of time and out of boundaries.

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Author Burak Bari

Burak Bari is the Managing Director of adesso Turkey and Head of Global Business Line at adesso Group.





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