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Employee wellbeing isn’t a nice-to-have anymore. The year 2020 managed to put this issue at the top of organization’s agenda. Offices have now turned into a virtual co-working space rather than a physical one where people actually go to work. In addition to the pressure brought by the pace of work, remote workers try to maintain the work-life balance within their home offices. These unprecedented times pulled the physical and mental wellbeing of employees out of the office walls and now finding a way to achieve a balance in 2021 can be a key to secure collective success.

Employee wellbeing is now perceived as an holistic framework

Organizations from startups to enterprises are now focusing on providing not just physical and financial opportunities but also emotional, social and psychological support. According to the research done by Headspace for Work shows that 53% of workers feel that mental health benefits are essential for the post-COVID-19 era. Therefore, what we plan for the future is an integrated approach to employee wellbeing.

An integrated approach to wellbeing means creating a culture that respects employees as individuals and urges them to feel more connected. Here, we think that creating shared consciousness across teams will prevent the feeling of loneliness. To create this common consciousness, we try and nurture both the individual and collective awareness of all adessi and help them to create a meaningful impact and stay attached to the common goal through scheduled events and awareness sessions.

What could be done to keep things on track?

-Repeatedly reminding employees about the common goal of your organization

-Demonstrating the reason of existence on various occasions

-Utilizing an effective listening mechanism (investing in a feedback tool might be a good idea)

-Surrounding employees with a meaningful social responsibility strategy

-Organizing regular events that remind employees to be aware of and involved in social issues

Thinking of our organizational culture as a dynamic, evolving and health-promoting venue gives us more opportunities to design structured pieces of training and interactive activities on wellbeing. Investing in a wellbeing at the workplace strategy would be both crucial and worthwhile at a time when health concerns have come to the forefront of our minds.

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Author Deniz Şenliler

Deniz is Marketing Communication Specialist at adesso Turkey

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