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Women now make up 30% of adesso Turkey’s intellectual capital while the employment rate of women in IT in Turkey is only 10%.

As Burak Barı stated in his article published on adesso blog; we believe that serious steps should be taken to address equality on a gender basis, and we are making plans to make things sustainable. The first action we take in this context is our one-year communication plan that makes women's stories accessible to everyone. We invite you to accompany us while telling the inspiring stories of women starting with the following interviews with 5 influential adessi.

Pınar Solak – Delivery Manager Acting

How did you decide to become a software developer?

The software world is a huge universe, and it affects all of us. It's everywhere, from the credit card in our wallet to the phone in our pocket. So, a tiny piece of code that you write touches people's lives. This idea really excited me at the time, and I shaped my career in this direction.

What are the good things about knowing a programming language?

Actually, we can call it “algorithmic life”. Because the software works with such a structure that you always set up the next stage in your mind. I can integrate it into my daily life, and I enjoy it.

What is the most important advice you would give to a woman considering a career in IT?

There is no end to learning in IT. The excitement, dynamism and action in your life never end; this keeps people young and dynamic.

İdil Barlas – Business Analyst

How does working with mixed teams affect the business and the employee?

First of all, working in mixed teams makes people feel much more comfortable because in an environment where diversity is missing, the possibility of feeling yourself as a minority may increase. On the other hand, when you bring together people who look at life from different perspectives, disagreements arise. In my opinion, the fact that a group of people is open to discussion is also a factor that triggers creativity.

Do you think there is a shortage of women workers in IT?

Speaking for the IT industry, we can observe higher numbers of roles are filled with women on domains like business analysis, design teams or support units but when we look at it as a software developer, we can clearly feel male dominance. So, whenever I see a woman as a software developer, I am very proud and happy.

Revda Uluışık – Senior Software Developer

What are the good things about knowing a programming language?

I realize for myself that I can look at things from many different angles. More analytical, more solution-oriented… This profession kind of makes you more detail-oriented and thus you start to see patterns easily, given enough information.

What does it mean to you to work at adesso?

I have always felt that I was being evaluated with my potential at adesso. Being a woman has never been considered as a critical element for these assessments, which made me feel more valuable. We all know that the representation of female employees in IT is less than that of men, and this has its own disadvantages because diversity always wins.

What is the most important advice you would give to a woman considering a career in IT?

It is important to make an effort to get better at software development, rather than trying to exist as a female software developer. Also, with technology constantly changing, it is necessary to follow the developments very closely and to be open and ready for continuous improvement. I think, regardless of gender, anyone who likes to create something new and is interested in technology can step into becoming a software developer.

Zeynep Sezgin – Software Developer

How does it feel to be a woman in an industry dominated by men?

The fact that men are in the majority in IT industry does not make me feel particularly uncomfortable. When I was studying, computer engineering was a department that was predominantly male. But later on, the rate of women in STEM majors started to increase. Similarly, when I first started, I was the only woman in the DEV-team, but now it is more diverse which makes me pleased. Other than that, I think regardless of gender it is the character of the people you work with and how you get along with your team.

What made you interested in software?

Actually, I cannot say that I started my career adventure with a predetermined interest in writing codes or developing software. I had a good head for figures and I loved dealing with technical stuff. When I was a child, it was my favorite game to unfix something and put them back together again. As such, when I ask myself "What should I study?", the engineering answer came spontaneously. I got into computer engineering. Then I got used to the idea of being a software developer over time and liked it later on.

Are there any difficulties in being a woman in an IT company? How do you think we can overcome these difficulties?

In fact, I believe working in IT companies is much more comfortable. The job is not physically exhausting and working hours are regular. Transitioning to the remote ways of working and digital workplaces becoming a sectoral norm made things actually far better.

What are the good things about knowing a programming language?

Rather than knowing how to code, it is satisfying to be able to master an area you love and do business in that field. The pandemic has shown that software has a crucial part on people’s everyday routines and its importance increases on a rate where both male and female workforce has to study in STEM majors and fill the growing employment gap in this field.

Sinem Zeynep Özer – Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

What's the most exciting thing about working in an IT company for you?

In my opinion, the most exciting aspect of working in a company in IT industry is to be able to follow the most up-to-date technologies and the latest trends in the world.

What do you think are the ways to attract more female talent to technical roles?

I think that attracting female talent in technical roles is only possible by increasing the visibility of female leading role models. There are many highly qualified and very successful women in this field. Establishing gender-balanced teams and highlighting the employees who will be role models can attract more young talent.

What is the most important advice you would give to a woman considering a career in IT?

Regardless of gender, it is important to be able to keep ourselves up to date, to be informed about and follow up on new technologies, and to gain ourselves different competencies as well as our expertise.

Picture Deniz  Şenliler

Author Deniz Şenliler

Deniz is Marketing Communication Specialist at adesso Turkey


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