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PepsiCo, Inc. is a multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York. PepsiCo has interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products. PepsiCo was formed in 1965 with the merger of the Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito-Lay, Inc.

Digitalizing promotion process


PepsiCo Interaction Room project focused first and foremost on clarifying what needs to be done to digitalize PepsiCo’s promotion process, what demands are (or not) met and identifying the required changes in processes.


In line with the project focus, PepsiCo’s end users and markets were analyzed and profiled based on known trends and tendencies. As per these trends and tendencies, personas to represent an end-user type were created and the roadmap of these personas’ experience in PepsiCo were defined. Based on the created personas, the points needed to be touched were identified in order to enhance the customer experience.

With the participation of 12-13 professionals from PepsiCo, an Interaction Room workshop was organized and brainstormed about how the problems identified during the processes could be solved. As a result of the project, which software was required to be developed in PepsiCo’s digital transformation and what kind of changes had to be done in the processes were discovered.

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Testing process of new applications


PepsiCo was in need for a solution to foresee any possible problems that may arise when the company released a new application and eliminate them to offer a better user experience. In line with this aim, adesso’s user interface team created a prototype according to the results of the Interaction Room which aimed to clarify what needs to be done to digitalize PepsiCo’s promotion process and mock-up level applications were tested before the launch of the real app.


Thanks to the InVision App, draft mock-up versions of the PepsiCo’s campaign app could be tested and a prototype application was developed. Thus, the team was able to detect any possible obstacles and incompatibilities before they arose. This enabled the launch of a more bug-free and smooth flowing application.

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