Successful projects

Commerzbank, with approximately 1,000 branches, serves more than 18 million private and small business customers, as well as more than 60,000 corporate clients, multinationals, financial service providers, and institutional clients. With a representative office in Istanbul, Commerzbank operates in almost 50 countries.

Unification of sales platforms


The independent and distributed structure of Commerzbank systems presents difficulties in terms of cost, systems integration, information sharing, corporate memory generation, service offering from a single point and management of legal requirements for various segments. Commerzbank aims to integrate its individually built sales platforms (10+ independent systems) on a single platform in line with its digital transformation strategy.


Commerzbank achieved a stronger competitive edge, a corporate memory, a 360-degree customer visibility and lowered operating costs. The profitability of the bank and its customers as well as customer satisfaction increased. An infrastructure to catch up with and adapt more easily to current technology trends has been built. Mobile devices made it possible to provide on-site services to the customers in a much shorter time. Employee performance and productivity increased.

An effective way to manage CRM processes


Commerzbank contracted adesso to migrate into a more flexible and standard CRM platform to manage the CRM processes effectively. With Dynamics CRM project, Commerzbank aims to achieve an improved informational organization, a more flexible CRM platform for enhanced communication, an advanced level of customer service, the automation of daily repetitive tasks, a greater efficiency for multiple teams and incisive analytical data and high-level reporting. In this project, the prioritized objective of adesso is to develop and customize CRM according to the user needs of Commerzbank and do the integration tasks needed by the CRM Infrastructure.


CRM Dynamics project included lots of integration scenarios among different systems deployed in the bank. Commerzbank is now able to change CRM processes easily and monitor current processes and customer communication channels more effectively. Currently, 90 percent of the integration tasks are being developed on Webmethods platform. Webmethods provides a single framework to do online and batch integration tasks. Project developers focused on CRM customization and end-user requirements in addition to the integration of backend systems to meet these requirements. The applied project methodology is fully Agile which delivers fast and effective development processes. Project has already gone into production and adesso team has been working currently on upcoming releases.

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