New loyalty platform

Bosch Thermotechnology is the world's leading supplier of energy efficient heating systems, hot water solutions and cooling systems. In 2017, a turnover of €3.4 billion was achieved with more than 16,500 employees.


The main purpose of this project is to increase the brand loyalty of dealers, wholesalers of Bosch and Buderus brands via creating a new loyalty platform. The renewed platform covers all of the former functions with additional new properties, operates on the web and mobile platforms. It aims to reduce the workloads of dealers and wholesalers by decreasing the service time and increasing service quality.


By including many operations performed by Bosch and Buderus employees into the system, Bosch and Buderus gained a fast, secure and controllable platform. Through the approval system delivered by the project, Bosch and Buderus employees can automatically be informed about the new dealer records according to their criteria and they could quickly finalize the process. The innovations brought by the project enabled processing of the product to be installed only through the Loyalty Portal and thus eliminated the data creation on CRM system since the Loyalty Portal is integrated with the CRM system. The project also enabled dealers to create installation data both by scanning the barcode and by entering a serial number via the designed mobile application once they complete their work and made possible to manage event and campaign processes more efficiently.

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