Highly qualified projects carried out by our competent staff Research & Development Center

Research & Development Center

Highly qualified projects carried out by our competent staff

Currently, adesso Turkey is one of the fastest growing information technology company in Turkey and is on the “Top 500 IT Companies List (Bilişim 500, 2018). In 2017, we were certified as an official R&D Center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkey, thanks to our highly qualified R&D projects carried out by our competent staff.

Our R&D Department works in close collaboration with other adesso sites, top ranked universities and academicians to bring innovation to the solutions of adesso. We continuously monitor technological trends, dealing with the development and assessment of innovative pre-industrial products and services.

Our Employee Profile

One-third of the current R&D Center employees have a graduate degree (MSc or PhD). And almost one-fourth of them have long-term international work experience since international projects are an important driving power for adesso Turkey.

Our Projects

Activities and projects carried out at our R&D Center can be classified but not limited to the following sectors: automotive, industry 4.0, digital transformation (e.g. finance, insurance), fast-moving consumer goods, and human resources. While performing these activities we have developed hands-on experience with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain that we consider as horizontal technologies which can be applied to various sectors.

Our R&D Vision and Processes


Once the R&D scope is specified, as the first principal, state-of-art analysis is conducted by our expert teams.


We believe current literature on the topic is the key enabler of going beyond the state-of-the-art (i.e. nanos gigantium humeris insidentes). We also give great importance to the practical demonstration of the right approach and development strategy by showcasing the proof-of-concepts.


We do our best to generate high value-added outcomes that reflect the extraordinary work we do here. By either collaborating with our business partners or using our own resources, we carry out the work required to transform the outputs into technical documents, publications or patents.

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