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At adesso Mobile App Garage, we improve and further develop your existing mobile apps to make sure they are fully functioning to meet industry standards and the rising demand.

adesso Mobile App Garage

adesso can take over the life cycle of your mobile applications independent from the status of the app. We take over mobile applications that are half-complete, have performance issues or technical debt, develop new functions and features for them and follow that by providing support and maintenance services through our experienced mobile development team without compromising our everyday quality gateways.

#1Revieving and taking over the mobile app

When you consult adesso about your mobile app that requires maintenance or new features due to lack of resources or mobile know-how, budgeting issues, or competition, our Mobile App Garage team performs a code review and detailed analysis to identify areas of improvement and risks, while understanding your business strategy and creating a road map. We then develop a cost-efficient, world class app and provide care and maintenance on demand.

#2Technical analysis

The adesso Mobile App Garage team carries out a technical analysis on your mobile app to lay out its current status. This free of charge service determines the minimum amount of work needed to be done in order to take over the app.

adesso experts review the status of your app in a structured way and create a detailed report on the following topics​:

  • Security​
  • Scalability and Flexibility​
  • Third Party Dependencies​
  • Documentation​
  • Test Coverage​
  • DevOps Compatibility

#3UX analysis

The adesso Mobile App Garage team carries out a UX/UI analysis on your mobile app and determines the priority points that need to be changed and a list of priorities is prepared. We then benchmark the app against competitor apps and prepare an expert opinion report with our suggestions.

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