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21.06.2023 By Deniz İdil Onat

Smart Testing: Manual or Automated?

Picture Deniz İdil Onat

Manual testing provides flexibility, emulates user experience, and allows quick adaptation to changing conditions. However, it can be time-consuming and prone to human error. On the other hand, automated testing can efficiently handle repetitive tasks, smoke-level tests, and regression tests, while reducing human error, but it requires initial setup time, tool maintenance, and can be costly. This article discusses the strengths and weaknesses of both, since choosing the most effective method depends on the project requirements, available resources, and the scenarios that need to be tested, often suggesting a combined use of the two techniques.

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Swift 5.5's concurrency framework has the potential to make your code organized and comprehensible, with benefits such as improved readability, clear control flow, in-scope error handling, and avoidance of callback. This article discusses the principles of structured concurrency while drawing parallels with structured programming and explains how these principles bring clarity and organization to asynchronous code.

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28.04.2023 By Elif Gürcüoğlu

ChatGPT 101 for QA Engineers

Picture Elif Gürcüoğlu

01.02.2023 By Seren Temurlenk

Data Visualization and Modeling

Picture Seren Temurlenk

Storytelling is a great advantage in roles that work with the customer and are influential in the decision-making process. Data visualization has become a popular technique, especially in recent years, with the understanding of the importance of data. This article gives introductory information about data visualization and modeling.

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23.01.2023 By Ellen Szczepaniak, Simon Bächle and Timo Hartmann

Winter and renewable energies – is that a contradiction in terms?


The German energy transition is pursuing the goal that the share of electricity consumed from renewable energies should be at least 80 per cent by 2030. But can renewable energies also reliably generate electricity in the cold, dark depths of winter when outside is a never-ending barrage of rain, ice and snow? To what extent do these factors impact the power plants and what solutions are out there? In this blog post, we will take a look at the most important influences and impacts on renewable energies.

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16.01.2023 By Yağız Erbay

Unit Testing in Swift

Picture Yağız Erbay

In computer programming, a “unit test” is a software testing method that initializes a small chunk of our project and verifies its behavior independently from other parts. Most common unit tests contain three phases. First, it initializes a small piece of code it wants to test; then, it activates the system under test; and finally, it observes the resulting behavior. If the observed behavior is consistent with the expectations, the unit test passes; otherwise, it fails, indicating that there is a problem somewhere in the system under test. These three unit test phases are also known as Arrange, Act, and Assert, or simply AAA.

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Data visualization is the graphical or visual representation of data. It helps to highlight the most useful insights from a dataset, making it easier to spot trends, patterns, outliers, and correlations. Seaborn is a Python data visualization library based on Matplotlib. It provides a high-level interface for creating attractive graphs. You can create graphs in one line that would take multiple tens of lines in Matplotlib. Its standard designs are awesome, and it also has a nice interface for working with Pandas DataFrames.

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This article isn’t meant to be an extensive guide with all the technicalities and resources to become a UX designer. Sure, I may drop some resources here and there, but there are mass databases and helpful videos online, you do not need me for that.

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