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Requirements Engineering (RE) is a vital step in software development that encompasses the extensive identification, analysis, and management of a product's requirements. These tasks are guided by RE’s nine principles, including Value-Orientation, Shared Understanding, and others, which steer engineers towards aligning the final product with stakeholder needs and business goals. This article looks at the nine key principles that shape Requirements Engineering and enhances your understanding of this complex process and its role in software.

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01.02.2023 By Seren Temurlenk

Data Visualization and Modeling

Picture Seren Temurlenk

Storytelling is a great advantage in roles that work with the customer and are influential in the decision-making process. Data visualization has become a popular technique, especially in recent years, with the understanding of the importance of data. This article gives introductory information about data visualization and modeling.

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14.11.2022 By Deniz İdil Onat

AI Testing Out-of-the-Box

Picture Deniz İdil Onat

AI testers may not only use the AI specific test techniques since as many of defects found in AI/ML systems can be found in any other systems.

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Explaining what collaboration and communication mean for agile teams and how to communicate effectively during development processes.

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