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This article explores the process of building interactive Telegram bots using C#, .NET Framework, and the Telegram.Bot library.

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Data can help your success in digital product management. This article highlights the significance of data-driven product management, providing a detailed roadmap for such an approach, from data collection to transforming insights into actionable strategies. You will learn the benefits of using data and analytics in decision-making, as well as its key components such as KPIs, data collection, data analysis, and product roadmap prioritization. It concludes with advice on how to mitigate risks in the product development phase, discussing techniques like A/B testing, feature toggles, and staged distribution.

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The risk-based testing approach comes with advantages such as efficient resource allocation, improved test coverage, early defect detection, and business-oriented decision making, but also presents challenges like incomplete coverage and defect detection, subjectivity in risk assessment, limited scalability, and a reduced focus on non-functional testing. This article presents the risk-based testing concept, as well as subjects consider when choosing whether or not to employ it.

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