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New book published by adesso’s senior management will be a guide to the world of software

The top executives at adesso Group, one of the largest IT service providers in Germany, have published a book that will be used as a reference guide for software developers.

The book is titled, Tamed Agility: Agile Software Projects in Pragmatic Contracting and Collaboration, and was written by Dr. Volker Gruhn (adesso Group’s Co-Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Ressiger Striemer (Director of International Investments of adesso Group), and Dr. Matthias (Lecturer at the University of Iceland).

The book argues for the necessity of using pragmatic tools and methods in agile projects, not only in software development processes but also in determining the scope of projects and projects that will create value for companies in digital transformation and in the contract management process.

In the first part of the book, which consists of five chapters, the basics of agile software development are discussed. In the second part, the book introduces the “Interaction Room” methodology, in which digitalization and mobilization strategies can be developed.

The book discusses a new contract model called adVANTAGE, which focuses on the commercial aspect of software development.

In the last chapter, the book covers the features that today's software experts should know and understand.

The publication is explicitly useful for CIOs, project managers and software engineers, and is a reference guide for those who wish to successfully complete complex software projects.

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