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On the road to agile transformation with TRT: adesso Turkey collaborates with first media client

TRT, Turkey’s largest government-owned media corporation, is transforming its entire corporate culture and workflows to adopt an agile and lean way of doing business. adesso Turkey will be helping TRT, their first media client, on their journey to achieving this hefty goal.

As part of an agile and lean transformation process, adesso Turkey is helping TRT, the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, in becoming more innovative and agile by optimizing their corporate culture and workflows. Planned to finalise by the end of H1 2023, the agile and lean transformation project will be led by adesso Turkey’s Agile Lab team.

The official public broadcaster of Turkey, and adesso Turkey’s first media client, TRT enjoys nationwide recognition and global growth since its foundation in 1964. Active on multiple continents, in multiple languages and with more than 58 years of experience, today TRT is responsible for nearly 100 products and channels in TV, digital, radio, mobile, etc.

From radio to digital platforms, having completed many transformations throughout its decades of activity in the media and public sectors, TRT is now excited to transform itself once again, marking an important milestone in the media corporation’s history.

Working with adesso Turkey Agile Lab team, which is headed by Korkut Kocaman, TRT will adopt an agile and lean way of working and optimise processes. The methods and models used in the process will involve Scrum and Kanban for teams; as well as OKR and Flight Levels for corporate transformation. Through the initiative started for TRT, adesso Turkey will also be working to help employees better understand and internalize agile processes.

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