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IT consultancy services redefined: adWISE powered by adesso

adesso Turkey is combining expertise and know-how with next-gen micro IT consulting services under the adWISE name as part of a new initiative.

Providing software development and IT consultancy services for well over a decade, adesso Turkey is now redefining its next-generation micro IT consulting services under a new initiative called “adWISE”. With adWISE, clients will have access to over 20 specialized consultancy services in the areas of strategy, experience, technology, security, and training.

This new initiative focuses on the steps of the consulting lifecycle: “Initiate, Improve, Sustain, Train.” The full range of consulting services offered as part of adWISE are designed by a 36-member team of adessi, who are technical experts in their fields. Adopting a holistic approach, adWISE micro-services in IT consultancy tackle complexity in software processes, enhance innovation, and ready organizations to tomorrow’s challenges.

Highlighted services within adWISE’s “Initiate” category include the “Agile Transformation” service, which offers tips for success in today’s business world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). Another crucial service, “Cloud Migration: Ignite,” guides a seamless transition of operations to the cloud for organizations suffering from outdated infrastructures. The “Kubernetes Enablement” service under the “Improve” category introduces a fresh look into IT infrastructures with the help of Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform system adopted in projects worldwide. Another essential service within the same category is “Cure X: Expert Review in UX Design,” which improves user experience with data-centric and comprehensive UX audits.

adesso Turkey responds to the critical needs of the new digital era with its adWISE initiative

The rapid increase in quick-fix IT projects during the pandemic and the later period has created substantial technical debt for organizations, leading to larger risks than they initially anticipated. adWISE's client-focused, personalized consultancy services offer a solution to this problem by addressing the market’s needs by minimizing risk and deploying meticulously calibrated methodologies. Whether it is legacy system issues, unforeseen needs, or fresh designs, every challenge is carefully addressed by adesso Turkey's expert consultants, who optimize processes and enhance organizational structures.

Mutlu Önder, the COO of adesso Turkey, shared his thoughts about adWISE consultancy services: “To date, we have supported our clients’ digital business ideas in various sectors in hundreds of projects, bringing them to life using different technologies. During this time, we increased our ability to solve the problems we encounter and our appetite for taking advantage of new technologies. Accordingly, we have gained a wealth of experience to systematically describe IT consulting activities. As we celebrate adesso Turkey’s 10th anniversary and embark on a new phase of growth, we are excited to redefine all our consultancy services under the adWISE framework. Our goal is to present all our experience and technical skills in a way that can work independently like a ‘micro-service’ and when used together, creates a meaningful whole. In our new structure, we will continue to refine, expand, and keep the adWISE services up-to-date with innovative technologies, work methodologies, and practices with every IT consultancy project. Also, we will start offering our globally recognized services under the adWISE initiative to diversify our service range, drawing from our global experience.”

For more detailed information about adWISE services, please visit the adWISE website.

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