adesso Young adessi Program

21. February 2020

The training of Young Talents in our country as a workforce to compete with world giants is something that our company views as important and therefore invests in. Unlike other companies, with our 'Young adessi' Program, which is designed with the future-oriented vision of adesso, we do not only provide summer work opportunities to young workforce potentials, but we also gain them as new talents every quarter of the year.

This special 10-week structured program targets senior high school students or undergraduate students in Computer Engineering, Mathematics Engineering, etc. These young talents complete a development journey starting from basic knowledge to specialization in software development under the supervision of our mentors.

Candidates who want to participate in the program undergo a fair and information-oriented evaluation process to ensure that they will benefit from this privileged opportunity. At the end of this process, they have the opportunity to step into a brand new world by completing the Assessment Center stages, which are composed of a foreign language, personality inventory, telephone interview, code challenges, and cases designed specifically for software. Managers at our company also receive serious training in order to take the role of Evaluator and evaluate the Assessment Center process in the fairest way.

All the Young adessi selected for the program are not only attending the training and other related applications during this process, in which all stages are designed in detail, but are also assigned to real projects with weekly sprints. The process also includes a feedback session to improve the individual awareness of Young adessi, who continue their development with one-on-one mentoring.

In this 10-week period, each Young adessi who successfully completed the program in line with the close follow-up of their mentors have the chance to start their career one step ahead and get the opportunity to work full-time in our company.

With the Young adessi Program and its unique process design, adesso Turkey has ensured its innovative role in the industry once again.

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