adesso Turkey’s “{Re}understanding Software Professionals”

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adesso Turkey’s “{Re}understanding Software Professionals” Research Report is out!

adesso Turkey, in collaboration with FA Research company, unveils the summary of findings from their new research report involving 400 software professionals.

What does the paradigm shift in the software ecosystem caused by the COVID-19 pandemic look like? adesso Turkey, in collaboration with FA Research company, provides the answer in their latest research study done with 400 software professionals in Turkey.

Titled “{Re}understanding Software Professionals,” the comprehensive study by adesso Turkey and FA Research company was released to the public in the form of a research summary report. The findings provide insights into the changing expectations of the software ecosystem in the post-COVID-19 era and their impact on work models and business processes.

According to the report, software professionals in Turkey allocate 30 percent of their efforts to meetings and work follow-ups. This is followed by time allotted to coding with 29 percent, analysis and project follow-up with 22 percent, and lastly, code review and testing with 19 percent. Furthermore, software professionals dedicate an average of 8.3 hours per week to software development outside of work, with 48 percent doing so without expecting any regular income.

In the post-pandemic era, hybrid work (60.5%) stands out as the most ideal way of working for software professionals, followed by the home office (30.5%). Only 9 percent of participants consider working in a physical office as ideal. The study also reveals that work-life balance (82%) takes precedence over job experience (73%) and technical expertise (75%) for maintaining work motivation. 78 percent of respondents consider negative work experiences to be worse experiences than low pay (66%) or injustice (76%). The opportunity to work abroad (20%) tops the list of advantages of working in the software industry, followed by self-development opportunities (12%) and better job positions (10%).

About the report, adesso Turkey CEO Burak Barı said: “During adesso Turkey's 10-year journey in the industry, we have been researching better ways to understand the work experiences of team members with a sense of curiosity. We use what we learn to continuously improve those experiences. Our ‘{Re}understanding Software Professionals’ study is one of those steps taken in this direction.

Starting from the same sense of curiosity, we conducted one of the most comprehensive studies in our field to better understand the needs and expectations of software professionals in their work lives and to make sense of the rapid change in the software ecosystem. Believing in the constructive contribution that sharing information with the public makes, we believe publishing the findings we obtained from the research in the form of a summary will support the positive development of the software ecosystem.”

adesso Turkey Employee Experience Leader Aslı Akyol said: “The research reveals that software developers assign more importance to work-life balance and employee experience in the post-COVID-19 era than in the old paradigm. According to our research, software developers see ‘negative work experiences’ as the most difficult ones to endure. At adesso, our focus is on employee experience so that it can be positive, healthy, and holistic from end to end. In this regard, we have implemented a program called adessi eXperience (aX) to measure the entire work life cycle, experience, and satisfaction of all employees at adesso in detail, and to design our action plans accordingly.

As part of our company culture, we call each other ‘adessi’. We are people-centered and adopt the understanding of ‘A Great Place to Be’ for all our employees and prioritize improving the working conditions of software professionals. We create opportunities to socialize with activities, from tennis to diving, gaming to volunteering, we continuously increase the quantity and resources of our many hobby clubs.”

To better understand the software ecosystem, download adesso Turkey’s “{Re}understanding Software Professionals” research report summary here.

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