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adesso Turkey opens new office in Izmir!

adesso Turkey is excited about its second location expansion with the opening of their new office in Izmir, as a show of continued commitment to growth in Turkey.

adesso Turkey, with headquarters in Istanbul, is expanding its number of physical locations with the announcement of a new office opening in Izmir, demonstrating its commitment to a sustained growth of operations in Turkey. The office will be situated in one of the largest innovation centers in Turkey called “Teknopark Izmir,” which is located on the Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) campus.

adesso Turkey’s new office comes as a result of a rigorous application process that prioritizes companies with a focus on R&D. The application’s successful finalization grants adesso Turkey with a dedicated long-term office space in Teknopark Izmir for regional adessi to use as needed. Being a part of the IZTECH ecosystem is especially noteworthy, since it brings together universities, R&D companies, and incubation entrepreneurs in order to facilitate high-tech innovative projects and collaboration.

A global project house that adopts a distributed and digital way of working, adesso Turkey’s growing multi-domain talent pool is now composed of more than 550 adessi. Taking adesso’s “Great place to be” motto to heart, adesso Turkey arranged a visit with the interested Izmirian adessi to Izmir Teknopark, prior to finalizing the contract, and made sure that their opinions were included in the selection process. The gorgeous coastal city of Izmir is currently the third most popular home for adessi in Turkey.

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