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adesso Turkey and Splunk join forces in observability

adesso Turkey and Splunk’s strategic alliance aims to offer comprehensive solutions in the realm of observability, a critical component in today's rapidly evolving cloud-native and microservice architectures.

adesso Turkey has kickstarted a new partnership in observability with Splunk, a global leader in innovative technology solutions. Splunk’s product called Observability Cloud offers a comprehensive suite that addresses the pressing challenges faced by DevOps and SRE teams. It stands out for its high-resolution, streaming analytics that allow for prompt detection of potential issues and pinpointing their root causes. A significant aspect of Splunk's offering is its user-centric approach, enabling an immediate understanding of how each code change impacts application performance and the user experience.

The partnership was inaugurated with an exclusive event on November 16th, 2023, at adesso Turkey headquarters in Istanbul. The event, titled “Discover the Splunk Observability Cloud,” provided a space for in-depth discussions, demos, and insights into the world of observability. It commenced with opening speeches by Splunk’s Regional Sales Manager Sinem Kartal and adesso Turkey’s Chief Growth Officer Özgür Yiğit and continued with a presentation by Splunk's Observability Product Advisor Fernando Sebastián. Later, adesso Turkey’s Head of DevOps Fırat Yaşar's presentation and Fernando's demo provided attendees with comprehensive product knowledge, enhancing the event's significance.

Splunk's product stands out for several reasons. Its emphasis on OpenTelemetry ensures that users maintain complete control over their data, fostering a no vendor lock-in environment. This approach aligns perfectly with adesso Turkey's expertise in offering tailored observability solutions to its clients, facilitating seamless cloud-driven transformations.

This partnership signifies more than just a collaboration; it's a synergy of expertise and innovation. With it, adesso Turkey aims to support organizations navigate the complexities of modern IT landscapes, holding its commitment to bringing cutting-edge solutions to clients.

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