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adesso Group celebrates new milestone: 10,000 employees worldwide!

The adesso Group is excited to announce a significant milestone in its remarkable journey of growth and success. In just three years, adesso has reached a global workforce of 10,000 employees, doubling its headcount since December 2020.

Starting as a vision in 1997 of founders Volker Gruhn and Rainer Rudolf, adesso has evolved into an international powerhouse in the fields of artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and engineered software solutions. This incredible journey began with a modest hiring target of adding five employees in the first half of 1998, a goal that was successfully met. This marked the inception of adesso's growth story as the company gained its first customers and established its presence in the market.

Fast forward 26 years, and the adesso Group now proudly welcomes its ten thousandth colleague, Roz Sabir, a Data Scientist from adesso Netherlands. Roz, who holds degrees in artificial intelligence and IT, brings a wealth of experience from renowned organizations like Apple and the IT service provider to the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. She has chosen adesso as her new home due to its pioneering role in the technology landscape.

"adesso is a pioneering force in the fields of artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and engineered software solutions. I can't wait to take on new projects and challenges and am delighted to be part of the adesso network," said Roz Sabir, sharing her excitement.

adesso's growth is not only in numbers but also in global reach. With operations in 15 countries and over 60 locations worldwide, the company has fully realized its internationalization strategy. Seven new national subsidiaries have joined the adesso Group in the past two years, underlining the organization's commitment to expanding its global presence.

Reflecting on this incredible journey, Kristina Gerwert, member of the adesso Executive Board responsible for HR, said, "Roz represents the many new adessi worldwide whom we have welcomed into our ranks this year. To her and to all of you once again: welcome, we are happy that you are on board! But growth also means we are developing. Maintaining our corporate culture at its core while continuously integrating the development and influences of the last 26 years is an exciting task. What we want to retain is our way of working together and being together. Our sense of community and familiarity. Maintaining these values, especially in view of our internationalization course, remains a challenge that we are happy to tackle together.”

The adesso Group is grateful to its employees, customers, partners, and supporters who all have played an important role in this remarkable journey and looks forward to a future filled with innovation and continued success.

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