PepsiCo KazandıRio App


Pepsi Co KazandıRio Use Case

How PepsiCo achieved 1M+ downloads by digitising its promotion processes with adesso Turkey

“KazandıRio not only takes our promotional agenda beyond the age,

but it will continue to change the rules of the game for our customers and consumers across all channels, with new competencies that will soon become available.

We will be designing the future of the promotion world"

Umut Pakkan

Pepsico | Head of Trade Marketing


PepsiCo, Inc. is a multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation headquartered in, New York. For more than 50 years, as tastes, trends and lifestyles have changed, PepsiCo has also evolved with them. The company’s long-term vision and willingness to adapt has transformed it from a snack and soda company into a collection of global brands and supported its growth.


Despite a huge transaction rate in its campaigns, PepsiCo was unable to track customer data with its existing offline campaign management process. It was impossible to record the number, date and time of the subscriptions and nearly just as difficult to measure the value of the campaigns. This was a big disadvantage for the company, particularly in the aggressive and fast-paced FMCG environment.

The Results

The KazandıRio and KazandıRio Business apps have become two of the fastest-growing Azure apps.

• No need for physical coupon collection

• Effective usage of resources through automated processes and subsequent cost reduction

• User-friendly interface that puts customers first and learns from their actions

  • 1M+ Downloads
  • 8.5M+ Gifts
  • 75K Digitalised Supermarkets


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