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In comparison to other nearshore models, adesso SmartShore is characterised by German-speaking employees who are familiar with the work environment and German culture. Our intelligent team mix allows us to offer you attractive rates and an agile and transparent approach.

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As part of our SmartShore approach, we have developed a nearshore model that responds to the typical challenges faced when implementing IT projects – such as cost savings in software development or skills shortages. Mixed teams of German Turkish, Spanish and Bulgarian employees are deployed and the various projects are conducted exclusively in German. During these nearshore projects, our Turkish colleagues are sometimes on site at our customer's place of business or in our SmartShore Centre in Istanbul, Bulgaria and Spain. This allows our nearshore model to secure cost savings of up to 40 per cent. By using German-speaking teams we ensure that the cost benefits are not diminished by possible communication expenditures.

Software development projects

Our range of services includes the implementation and commissioning of software as well as the integration and migration of older pre-existing systems. We also frequently use agile methods in our nearshoring projects. With the help of our ‘adVANTAGE’ procedure model, it is even possible to use an agile approach on a variety of fixed-price products.

Maintenance projects

We provide you with 24/7 maintenance teams for second- and third-line support tasks. During core working hours, most of the support will be provided from our German site (Stralsund). Outside of core working hours, the maintenance tasks will be undertaken by staff at our nearshore site in Istanbul. In this way, we provide you with a 24/7 maintenance service and you make significant cost savings compared to traditional maintenance services that are based exclusively in Germany.

Test automation

As part of our nearshoring model, we create and update the scripts from our site in Istanbul. This results in a reduced cost for implementing automation, while regularly updating the scripts also optimises efficiency.

Our nearshore HR management

Our nearshore experts in Turkey have spent a long time living in Germany. This means that they not only have German language skills but they also have many years of experience of working in the IT sector in Germany. As a result, they are familiar with German corporate culture.
In terms of HR management, all of these aspects combine to facilitate the quick and effective deployment and induction of well-qualified IT experts who meet our clients’ high expectations for nearshore projects. The low rate of internal staff turnover means that our German and Turkish employees know one another. It also means that they are very familiar with nearshoring processes, international partnership and the successful implementation of international, German-language projects. It is therefore possible to reduce the overall cost of SmartShore projects so that they are significantly more cost-efficient than other approaches. The additional communicative effort required for such projects is no different to the level of effort required to communicate between team members who are dispersed throughout Germany, for example.

Our nearshore site in Istanbul

Our site in Istanbul plays an important role in terms of outsourcing IT projects. This is because Istanbul offers numerous advantages that facilitate the successful outsourcing of IT projects. Around 20 million people live in the metropolitan region of Istanbul and there are more than ten higher education establishments that teach and train IT specialists. Furthermore, our nearshore site in Istanbul is in an excellent location that is both geographically and logistically advantageous. It is possible to fly to every German city within a few hours and there are multiple flights each day. This allows us to guarantee our clients a high degree of connectivity as well as geographical proximity.

For adesso SmartShore, the knowledge transfer process is a crucial part of our approach. This transfer phase takes place at the beginning of each of our nearshore projects and it provides our clients with the opportunity to see for themselves how skilled all of the employees are. It also helps to form strong bonds between the German and Turkish team members, which enables them to work together as an effective team unit. The ideal location for the project kickoff meeting is at the client’s own site. This makes it possible for everyone who is involved in the project to get to know one another, get to grips with the initial requirements and have face-to-face conversations about the first steps that have been planned. The project team is then divided up after approximately one to two weeks. This means that our Turkish colleagues return to their office in Istanbul and continue to work from there. After another four to five weeks, everyone who is involved in the project will come together again at the client’s site. The purpose of these meet-ups is to discuss the initial outcomes of the nearshore project and to make any amendments that may be required. This optimises the setup of our nearshoring approach while strengthening the bonds within the team.

Delivering the project artefacts at short intervals

Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients always have a way of tracking the project’s progress. By promptly supplying each deliverable, we can keep the client up to date about the project status at all times.

Ongoing feedback

The regular supply of project artefacts makes it possible to receive prompt feedback from the client, which in turn helps us with our process optimisation.

Acting and reacting quickly

Unplanned changes may be necessary during the project phase of any nearshore project. Because we have transparent processes and we continuously receive client feedback, our employees are well positioned to react to changes in requirements at any stage of the project and to implement any necessary amendments.

Working closely as a team

During the scope of our nearshoring projects, the members of the various project teams are in constant communication with one another. adesso has the necessary tools and infrastructure to facilitate this kind of collaboration. In addition to this, the project kickoff meeting takes place at the client’s own location and all of the team members are involved. This also serves to strengthen the team at the beginning of the project.

Data security

For nearshore projects, the data security of our clients is of utmost importance. If the transfer of personal data cannot be avoided in our nearshoring projects, Article 26 paragraph 2 of Directive 95/46/EC shall apply to the transfer of personal data to contracted processors based in third countries. For our nearshore site in Istanbul, the technical and organisational measures according to paragraph 9 of the BDSG (German Federal Data Protection Act) apply.


We set high quality standards for the implementation of nearshore projects and for the processes behind them. As well as showcasing these high standards, our certifications also ensure that within our nearshore approach, there is transparency and continual improvement in relation to our workflows. We have already received the following important corporate certifications: IREB Platinum Partner (requirements management), ISO 9001 (quality management standard), ISO 14001 (environmental management standard) and ISO 27001 (information security).

When outsourcing, it is very important to us that our nearshoring teams have sound, up-to-date IT skills and specialist knowledge. This allows us to guarantee the successful implementation of your project. More information about the certification of our employees can be found here.


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