One step closer to digitalisation – a kit that enables museums to develop their own mobile applications

Augsburg/Munich | 20. January 2020

Digitalisation is a central task for museums in the 21st century in all core areas of their work, which brings with it challenges but also offers opportunities. In learning about this new development, new digital concepts emerge alongside established analogue formats. fabulAPP also offers small and medium-sized museums, exhibition houses and commemorative institutions the opportunity to create attractive digital services for their visitors.

The “app kit” was initiated in 2015 by the Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen in Bayern. Since then it has been provided to museums with the support and financial assistance of Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung. As technical partner and digitalisation expert, the IT company adesso supports the Landesstelle and interested museums.

Screenshot of the app of the Fugger and Welser adventure museum in Augsburg. (Copyright: Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH)

Through workshops and the specially developed, web-based content management system (CMS), museum representatives learn the basics and tools for the conception, development and operation of tailor-made digital applications. During the implementation of their conception, they are accompanied and financially supported by the Landesstelle.

In order to guarantee sustainability for the realised applications, the Landesstelle is responsible for the hosting and, by integrating adesso, application support.

The press conference will be opened by Johannes Hintersberger (MdL [member of state parliament]/state secretary a.D.), supervisory board member of Regio Tourismus Augsburg, Dr Ulrich Netzer, president of the Sparkassenverband Bayern (Association of Bavarian Savings Banks), and Dr Astrid Pellengahr, director of Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen in Bayern. After an introduction to the topic and objectives, the fabulAPP project and its technical features will be presented. There will be an opportunity to test selected applications on site afterwards, and some Bavarian museums will present their new apps.

Information on the content and functional scope of the app kit as well as on the workshops can be found on the website

Discover history: Visitors can use the app to recreate historical stations. (Copyright: Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH)

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