adesso SmartShore: new service portfolio for smooth offshoring projects

Dortmund | 25. August 2016

adesso AG has expanded its portfolio to include an innovative offshoring service for cost-efficient IT projects. adesso SmartShore makes use of international teams whose members all speak German and who have cultural ties to the German-speaking world, reducing the risks associated with the offshoring of projects to a minimum while fully leveraging the benefits.

adesso SmartShore is the IT service provider’s way of combining a comprehensive range of software development, maintenance and test automation services with an optimised approach to offshoring that brings together employees from German adesso locations with Turkish colleagues at the company’s development centre in Istanbul to work in project-specific teams.

During SmartShore projects, the part of the team responsible for management and the initial communication is always on site at the client’s place of business. In Istanbul, only employees who speak German fluently and are familiar with the German mentality work on the projects. These employees have relevant degrees from German, Austrian or Swiss colleges and universities plus at least two years of professional experience in the region.

This approach allows companies to benefit from the traditional advantages of offshoring, such as cost-efficiency, flexibility and the availability of experts, while minimising the risks associated with conventional offshoring models. adesso SmartShore helps avoid linguistic and cultural difficulties, and communication is just as easy as if the project team were based entirely in Germany.

“Close communication and a common set of values are essential, especially in software development. As a result, conventional offshoring projects are often only moderately successful,” says Jewgenij Singer, Senior Business Development Manager for adesso SmartShore. “This is where our new SmartShore service makes a difference. It has already been used in projects for leading banks, carmakers and insurance companies, and our clients’ feedback has been extremely positive.”

“Our development centre in Istanbul is an ideally suited central location for the new offshoring service,” says Burak Bari, Managing Director of adesso Turkey. “The modern, European city offers a huge pool of talent. The time difference of only an hour is perfect for direct collaboration, plus there are several flights to all major German cities every day. You can get to every one of them in just a few hours.”

Along with its strengths in offshoring, the Turkish adesso subsidiary is growing fast. In late July, adesso Turkey was ranked the third-fastest-growing IT company in the country in a study of the top 500 Turkish IT companies by BThaber, a high-profile ITC website. For adesso, this is another sign that its investments in Istanbul, the site of its development centre, have paid off, and it serves as motivation to continue expanding the company.

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