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Celebrating adesso Turkey’s decade of innovation and growth

From a small office in Istanbul to four offices in Turkey and an international talent hub with more than 500 adessi… adesso Turkey celebrates its 10th anniversary with years of technological innovation and extraordinary growth.

adesso Turkey celebrated its 10th anniversary on June 9th, 2023, in its Maslak office. From a small office with just a few employees to an international talent hub with over 500 adessi and four offices, the company's 10-year journey showcases technology, innovation, and exponential growth.

During its first decade, adesso Turkey has successfully completed numerous major projects and served many clients both locally and globally, spanning a wide range of industries from banking and insurance to sports and FMCG. Today, adesso Turkey also stands out as a large exporter of software and IT services, with plans to expand its global reach even further.

“At adesso, our corporate culture operates on swiftness, simplicity, pragmatism, and flexibility, with a strong focus on results,” said Burak Barı, CEO and International Director of adesso Turkey, speaking at the celebration dinner. “We have built a strong team of talented employees, and we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. We derive our strength from our lean transformation process, cultivating an atmosphere that encourages collaboration and active involvement."

adesso Turkey is known for its lean approach to business and growth mindset, and the company's culture is one of collaboration and innovation. adessi are encouraged to share ideas and feedback freely in a safe environment where their experience is at the center of adesso Turkey’s focus, both socially and professionally.

“Over the past 10 years, we’ve come out of any challenge that has crossed our way by getting even stronger, growing, recognizing opportunities, and improving. I think it is in our DNA,” said Mutlu Önder, COO of adesso Turkey. “With our global strength, horizontally structured organization that prioritizes people, and open-minded culture, we have much more to achieve and new goals to pursue.”

adesso Turkey is dedicated to continuing its mission of delivering innovative technological solutions and helping clients succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Excited about adesso Turkey’s future, "We are proud of what we have accomplished. We are confident that the next 10 years will be even more successful than the last," said Barı. "We are grateful for the support of our clients, employees, and partners, and we look forward to working together to achieve even greater things."

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