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adesso Turkey launches “Unscripted”: A new content series redefining tech talks

adesso Turkey is thrilled to announce the launch of its new content series, Unscripted. All tech enthusiasts are invited to listen to unfiltered, unrehearsed discussions with IT industry experts.

adesso Turkey, proudly introduces its latest venture, the Unscripted content series. Breaking away from traditional storytelling, Unscripted promises an authentic exploration of the dynamic tech landscape through unscripted conversations. Hosted by adessi, the series includes short and engaging videos and podcast episodes covering the latest developments in the software industry, including tech trends, best practices, live demos, and insights from IT industry experts.

Why “Unscripted”?

The name reflects the series’ unique approach: Unlike scripted conversations, Unscripted embraces natural, unrehearsed dialogues, allowing guests to share authentic experiences and personal expertise. The title also cleverly plays on the term “script,” a nod to the tech world.

The new content’s focal point is sharing the company's technical capabilities with the IT ecosystem, while prioritizing employer engagement. Unscripted also aims to create a platform for showcasing adesso's industrial expertise, aspiring to foster star talent from within the company.

Hosted by adessi, the episodes delve into the world of mobile development, frontend technologies, Java, software solutions, cloudization and more. The episodes not only offer technical insights but also feature prominent guests, including executives and employees from the greater adesso ecosystem.

First eight episodes of Unscripted are available

adesso Turkey has published the first eight episodes on YouTube, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. They cover a diverse range of topics, including Android Jetpack, using ChatGPT for boilerplate creation, SwiftUI in iOS app development, choosing between Java 8 and 11, the role of designers in a changing world, usability heuristics, the psychology of UX, and the design-ethics triangle.

adesso Turkey Marketing Director Duygu Bulum said the following:

“Unscripted is not just a content series; it's a journey into the dynamic world of software development. We aim to provide a space for open conversations, sharing insights, and connecting with our audience in a way that goes beyond the script.”

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If you have questions about Unscripted, please contact:

  • Harun Demircioğlu, Senior Internal and Corporate Communications
    • Email:harun.demircioglu@adesso.com.tr

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