Mobile Test Automation

Avoid compatibility problems and regression defects by launching new apps

Mobile technologies change rapidly such that many enterprises launches regularly new versions of their apps. Each update means lots of efforts for performing regression tests and for ensuring device compatibility. Here adesso comes with a very lightweight indeed effective test automation solution.

adesso combines various frameworks for mobile test automation depending on project goals and technology stack. Our test automation services consist of test automation for mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms. Depending on the needs, we combine real hardware with simulated mobile devices to cover device variety with an meaningful initial investment and maintenance costs.

Our service starts with a demo or workshop, where we analyse your individual needs. This helps us to prepare the correct toolset out of our toolbox. The next step is usually a pilot implementation which gives you good feeling about the proposed solution. Finally adesso performs the implementation of the solution where we can assist your development team or we can fully implement the solution.

Out toolset relies on open source technologies.

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