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Completed Projects for Our Local Customers

The best way to become acquainted with adesso is to throw a glance on our daily work: Projects enabling our customers to make business processes efficient and lean with the support of modern technology; yet always implementing our established industry-specific methods and procedures.

AvivaSA Private Pension Calculation App - “Tasarruf Ölçer”

AvivaSA is one of Turkey's leading private pension and life insurance companies. AvivaSA, the joint investment company of Sabancı Holding, Turkey's local strength, and of Aviva plc, the British insurance giant, serves in the sector of private pension and life insurances.

Customers of the AvivaSA insurance company can calculate their future individual pension for different scenarios. With this app the user further gets the opportunity to contact the AvivaSA head office with the calculation results for getting offerings.

adesso team has developed “Tasarruf Ölçer” native app for both iOS and Android platforms.

Doğa Koleji Push Message Integration

Doğa Koleji is the biggest private school chain in Turkey. As adesso Turkey, we enhanced the existing mobile app with push message functionality. The parents of the students of Doğa Koleji can now be notified about new information on the smartphone with push messages. The “Doğa Koleji” app can be downloaded at the Apple Store and Android Market.

  • User of the Doğa Koleji iOS and Android app can get push messages for subscribed channels.
  • With the Doğa Koleji ERP integration all messages to parents from teachers sent within ERP system are delivered also as push messages. Parents do no more need to open ERP on PCs to reach message content.
  • The campaign interface provides marketing department the possibility to send broadcast messages with teaser images.
  • Via web interface the administrator has access to statistics like sent active push message count, count of channel subscriptions, teaser click count.
  • Actively used by over 40.000 individuals.

Mobile Insurance App – Bonus Programme

adesso has designed Mobile Insurance App for the German health insurance companies. With this app members of the health insurance companies can gain discount for health packages or uplift of the tariff with the bonus points which are collected by doing special activities during the year.

For this project the backend is also developed by adesso with JEE technologies. This app is currently in “prototype” state and will be further developed within 2015.

  • Personal Bonus definitions can be configured at the database.
  • While submitting gained bonus points to the insurance company users can attach taken pictures of the bills and similar documents.
  • Ongoing bonus actions can be listed and updated with additional information.
  • When logged in with different devices all bonus information in the system for the user will be synchronized.
  • Works online. For the offline mode the infrastructure work has been completed.
  • Based on the Server – Client architecture both the server side and the client side was developed.

Mobile Signature App - “İmzala Gönder Mobile”

This mobile app is developed for Eczacıbaşı Bilişim, which is a leading IT services company in Turkey. Eczacıbaşı Bilişim is the owner of a workflow solution called as EbiFlow and this app is the mobile interface which lets user perform certain operations in EbiFlow. The app is integrated with EbiFlow by using web services. The result is access to business processes on mobile devices with optimized visual design and user experience.

  • Login screen (including reminding and automatic reconnection)
  • Screen of Work items (including search functionality at the work list)
  • Settings screen
  • Token renewal in background
  • Showing the desired workflow and performing relevant actions

Eczacıbaşı Baxter Dose Calculation App – “Infüzyon Rehberi”

Having founded in 1983, Eczacıbaşı Baxter is a joint venture of the Eczacıbaşı Group and Baxter World Trade Co. and operating in pharma industry. adesso team has developed a native mobile application for Android and iOS platforms.

User of the app can perform dose calculations for the medicines Kiovig and Subcuvia.

  • The app is used by Eczacıbaşı Baxter field team.
  • The field team can make dose calculations for two different medicines in different variations.
  • The calculations are made offline.
  • The visual design has been prepared using the logos and corporate colours of the respective medicines.


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