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Get the most out of outsourcing thanks to our operational excellence.

In today’s enterprise business model, companies prefer to use their energy for their core business areas to continuously improve services, perform innovation etc. This leads them to use outsource personnel – contracted consultants - in other areas such as in IT departments. There are two main reasons driving companies to use outsourced personnel;

  • By using outsourcing, companies can hire a consultant with the expected know-how and experience for a specific position. This saves time and the investment to bring up internal personnel to the expected levels.
  • Companies can hire a consultant for a specific time interval. Typical example is a project, which lasts some months or an urgent peak time in means of resources.

Focusing on IT, companies get following advantages by using contracted consultants:

  • Focus on core business areas and improve them for real customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costs
  • Work with trained and skilled consultant in technology specific subjects
  • Release consultants easily once projects are completed
  • Increase productivity due to professionalised consultants in relevant subjects

adesso delivers long term and short term consultants who work onsite with your team on project basis. We have a professional recruitment team and a strong profile database such that we can work for following positions:

  • Business Analyst / System Analyst
  • Test Engineer / Test Automation Consultant
  • Java Developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • C# .net Developer
  • PL/SQL Developer
  • C/C++ Developer
  • Sharepoint Developer
  • PHP Developer
  • Database Admin (SQL, ORACLE)
  • Project Manager / Team Leader
  • BI Consultant
  • Database Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • Help Desk Specialist
  • SAP Consultant


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