Push notifications to mobile devices in close proximity

Beacons are a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby mobile devices of their presence. The technology enables a beacon to send push notifications to mobile devices in close proximity.

Beacon devices generally works on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), also known as Bluetooth Smart. BLE is a feature in iOS 7 and Android 4.3 that is installed on Bluetooth 4.0 devices.

One application of beacon technology is to help smart phones determine their approximate location or context. With the help of an beacon, a smartphone's software can approximately find its relative location to an beacon in a store, museum, shopping mall etc. Beacons can help a phone show notifications of items nearby that are on sale, and it can enable payments at the point of sale (POS) where customers don’t need to remove their wallets or cards to make payments or it can show you the information of a museum item while standing in front of it.

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