Short-term Mobilisation of Portals with in|MOTION

Middleware for End-device-specific Data Processing

Mobile end-devices (cell phones, PDAs, MDE, etc.) are equipped with constantly growing performance levels, and prices for internet access decrease rapidly at the moment. Internet services are thus used more and more via mobile channels. However, the mobile offer mostly is massively reduced and the presentation is not optimised for all mobile end-devices. This is exactly where adesso comes in with in|MOTION*, which is a high-performance tool able to provide existing services for the mobile channel, not only on a short-term basis but also in a high-performance version.

in|MOTION uses the existing web frontends as an interface for all processes, applications and contents. Thus backend systems need not be modified and already made investments will not have to be carried out again. in|MOTION is based on a modern integration technology and has the function of a middleware between data sources (applications, content) and the clients. It extracts data and transforms them to become compatible with the specific end-devices. The end-devices do not direct the queries directly to the desired websites but to in|MOTION. in|MOTION automatically recognizes the inquiring end device, then triggers vicariously the actual inquiry to the websites.

* in|MOTION is being developed and distributed by our subsidiary company adesso mobile solutions (


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