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Mobile applications are increasingly making their way into the business processes of companies everywhere, regardless of function or industry. In the near future, more people will access the internet via mobile browsers than desktop computers. Even today, more than one million applications already provide mobile solutions for nearly every business purpose and consumer requirement.

“Any time, any place”: that’s the motto of a new generation of online customers. Companies have to adapt to this development, something that goes beyond merely providing a mobile portal. In future, mobile channels will be fully-fledged sales channels – and more. Companies take a decisive, pioneering step when their core business processes “work” as independently as possible of their staff’s location. In a nutshell, these processes have to be available any time and any place. Key concepts such as “mobile employees” and mobile device management, and policies such as “bring your own device”, are the driving force behind the development of applications with a wide range of different user interfaces. This revolution is leading to completely new approaches to IT processes, organisation and architecture, and is opening up a never-before-seen dimension of business process management via mobile devices. The strategic integration of mobile business processes will therefore be a decisive factor in companies’ future success in positioning themselves in volatile markets as industry pioneers and meeting new customer demands.

Specialised technological expertise and comprehensive knowledge of processes typical of the industry are of key importance in planning and implementing mobile business processes using mobile portals and applications. This is the only way companies can avoid producing “mobile flashes in the pan”. It’s no longer about just “being part of it”. Instead, it’s about supporting relevant core business processes by pursuing a multichannel strategy. Mobile devices and apps require just as much conceptional work as other IT challenges.

adesso combines extensive specialised, technical software development expertise with know-how for realising strategic mobile channel implementation processes based on the in|MOTION multichannel standard solution. Our knowledge of customers’ industry-specific core business processes and our expertise in implementing mobile corporate applications to supplement existing information, sales and communication channels make us a partner to rely on for all sorts of mobile IT services, from realising mobile portals to implementing key business applications.

Efficient process management thanks to core applications for mobile use
As part of a wide range of projects for mobile use scenarios, adesso has analysed companies’ needs and has identified a number of promising solutions for efficient support and results-oriented process management from “on the road”.

Typical applications include mobile brokerage solutions for complete business transactions via mobile devices (tablet solutions), e-commerce applications (mobile shops), making entire invoicing systems mobile-ready, mobile marketing tools to support sales (such as coupon strategies), delivery process solutions for goods logistics, document management applications for trade fairs or mobile banking applications.

Processing business transactions via mobile devices makes it possible to work more efficiently and more flexibly, independent of time, location and mobile end device. This is an important aspect of positive cost-benefit analysis results.

Data security also plays a major role when it comes to companies’ vital business processes (especially in the context of mobile finance and banking apps), just as it does for the non-mobile internet. After all, realising mobile solutions is a software development process that must measure up to established quality standards that also apply to the development of non-mobile solutions.

adesso has years of experience in developing critical, company-sensitive IT business processes in accordance with the highest security standards.

Our expertise in technologically innovative software development and our farreaching experience in realising mobile channels make us a leading mobile service provider.

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