Interaction Room

A room says more than a thousand words

A decisive factor for successful IT projects is targeted communication between business, technical and IT experts. A misunderstanding between these groups can lead to incorrectly defined requirements and, in the worst case, to losing the shared project vision. Software development processes, including agile ones, do not usually have a consistent framework that teams can use to set out the content-related aspects of a project.

With the Interaction Room, adesso is offering a solution to this problem. The Interaction Room is a physical room where stakeholders can have a goal-oriented discussion of a project’s central themes. On the walls of the room, the project’s essential elements are modelled from different perspectives. Using clearly defined annotation symbols, aspects are emphasised that require particular attention, such as value creation, expenses or risk. The model is tailor-made for the project in a way that is intuitively accessible to all participants so that business and technical experts can combine their knowledge and communicate about the project in a focused way, without losing sight of the big picture.

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