Continous Delivery

More reliable, repeatable and faster delivery processes

Continuous Delivery aims the improvement of the process to deliver an application by using correct techniques, tools and processes. By applying techniques like “Test Automation”, “Continuous Integration” and “Continuous Installation”, development of an application can be simplified and quality can be improved. With writing release scripts, applications can be deployed fully automated on the delivery, test, integration and production environments, once pre-defined quality gates are fulfilled. The automation of the test and delivery process makes the delivery process faster, more reliable and repeatable. New releases can be deployed to production with less risk and fewer manual intervention.

In the above image you can see that in the process of Continuous Delivery, the application passes through various validations. After checking out the source code automatically from the source code management system the build server compiles the code and creates deployable packages. Before the creation of the final deployment package for production, technical and functional tests can be executed.

As adesso team, we have profound knowledge in open source as well as commercial tools, such that we can set up correct continuous delivery platforms according to customer’s needs.

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